a return to blogging.

Oh HEY there y'all! Long time no chat! I've been hermitting for a few months, taking care of myself and this sweet new life I'm growing right now. Yep, I'm pregnant!! :) I'm just about 6.5 months along and am due on November 24th! Woot!


It has been quite an adventure, this pregnancy thing, and I've been learning a lot of interesting and totally unexpected lessons along the way (and yes, I know that labeling them "unexpected" means I had expectations that weren't met – I did and they weren't, and that's where many of the lessons have come from!).

Overall, being pregnant has offered me constant opportunities to expand on every level from physical to spiritual, and I've been taking most of the opportunities. It has taken me months to return to publicly blogging because I was hesitant to return and post all about pregnancy and my learnings, but I've finally accepted: this is the forefront of my life right now! And that's ok! And I want to share what's real and present for me, so pregnancy stuff it is!

I've been writing for myself these past few months, and now I'm ready to share my thoughts with the world. (Also, realistically, the lessons are definitely NOT all limited to pregnancy itself, a lot of them apply to life as a whole and have just happened to present themselves to me while I've been preggers.)

So there it is. I'm pregnant. I'm returning to blogging. And I'm super excited to share about my experiences with you! Stay tuned for tales of pukey pox, feeling tired all the time, marital bliss, learning to ask for & receive help, accidentally peeing while coughing, and much much more!

xo Nic