the girl who knows: guest editor.

Hey y'all! About a month ago, I was asked to be a Guest Editor on the website The Girl Who Knows. Stephanie Watanabe, the Founder + Curator-in-Chief at The Girl Who Knows, invited me to publish two posts a month for the following three months on her site -- and I JUMPED at the opportunity.

^ That's Steph in the middle!!! ^

Check out the links to my first two posts below, and stay tuned for another four posts before the end of January 2015!

A 10 Day Sensory Appreciation Challenge

I started a sensory appreciation challenge to encourage readers to spend ten days truly appreciating their senses. The Girl Who Knows is allllllll about our SIX senses (see, smell, hear, touch, taste, feel/intuition) and the challenge is about slowing down to acknowledge how our senses color our experiences of life. Interested in joining the challenge? Post your pictures on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #TGWKsensorychallenge to be a part of the sensory party!

How to Have an Attitude of Gratitude

I used to think having an attitude of gratitude was total BS, and in this post I wrote about the revelation I had that completely shifted my definition of the the point where I now love it!

Excited for this incredible opportunity. Thank you, again, Steph!!! xoxo

xo Nic