finding treasure everywhere.

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you’re not going to stay where you are.” ~ John Pierpont Morgan

It’s been eighteen days since my last post, and I’ve been struggling with that fact. When I was up in the Bay, I didn’t feel like writing -- I was working a lot, and in my free time I didn’t want to conjure up the brain power that it normally takes me to write an entry...

...then I felt guilty for not keeping my commitment to post every week…

...and then I felt guilty for not wanting to keep my commitment badly enough to do something about it.

It was a vicious cycle, no doubt.

Here I am, though, up early [for me] on this fine Thursday morning…doing something about it. And I’m accepting my current reality: haven’t written in 18 days + had a wonderful time on my trip up north + re-committing to my blog + writing right now.

Have you ever struggled with the balance between being disciplined and being flexible? I’m figuring out how to incorporate both of those ways of being into my life, because up until now, they’ve been [for the most part] mutually exclusive. I definitely believe that it's possible for me to be both disciplined and'll just take practice & commitment.

What I know is this: when I consistently check-in with myself about how I’m being & doing in life, I can continue to make adjustments to the path that I’m on. When I focus on being my best self [as opposed to getting down on myself for “failing”], I am open to learning and shifting.

In contrast, when I spend my time envying other people whom I deem as being successful in thriving, I judge myself negatively, as "not measuring up." Instead, I will now choose to be inspired by what I admire about their life choices -- while also recognizing that everyone goes through life differently, and my choices do not need to mirror their choices in order for me to consider my own life to be successful.

Today, I’m going to spend time getting clear on what direction I want to be going in right now…in terms of where I want to focus my time & energy, and where I see myself a few months down the line.

I've been giving in to my past pattern of being hard on myself when I am not living my life "perfectly" -- but it's all about how I choose to frame it. Perspective - Perspoctive…I say it all the time [it's my take on po-tay-to - po-tah-to].

Now I'm moving forward, learning lessons, and finding treasure everywhere. :)

x Nic