separation anxiety.

"Absence is to love as wind is to fire; it extinguishes the small and kindles the great." ~Roger de Bussy-Rabutin

Tonight will be the second night I'll be sleeping away from my hubsby. I planned this two week trip to the Bay Area in the middle of March, knowing that he wouldn't be coming with me...and yet, as the day of my departure neared, I started to regret my decision.

Of course, it wasn't true regret, it was more like cold feet -- the reality of being away from my Love [for two weeks] set in, and I was only focusing on the negatives: no good morning kisses & snuggles, no after-work-snuggles-while-catching-up-on-each-other's-day, no silly faces at each other across the dinner table, no spontaneous trips out to eat or buy crafts at Michael's, no holding hands, no bedtime snuggles, no goodnight kisses....etc. :(

However, I was overlooking all of the new and wonderful opportunities that come from being long-distance for two weeks! We get to...

  • ...MISS each other really miss each other. Yes, we do miss each other when he's away at work for nine hours a day, but that's nothing compared to two weeks!
  • ...come up with new creative ways to woo each other!
  • ...text & talk & FaceTime!
  • ...spend more time with our families and friends!
  • ...recognize & appreciate all of the little things that we might normally take for granted!
  • on being present wherever we are, instead of always wallowing in missing the other person!

And more. If you're thinking, "Umm, you can basically do all of those things even when you aren't long distance," you are 100% correct. And given that we haven't spent a whole two weeks apart since May of 2010...this is a good reminder of that fact! We don't need distance to encourage us to do all of the above -- it just happens to be the kick-starter in this particular situation! Now that we've been reminded of all of these things...we'll be more cognizant of incorporating the relevant opportunities into our normal short-distance lives.

A few years ago, E and I started saying all ways, always after we said I love you. We use it to represent not only our commitment to love each other always [over time], but also the commitment to love each other all ways [in all circumstances]. Being apart is one of those circumstances.

So here's to making the most of our 2 weeks apart!

I love you so big lovies, all ways, always, Baba!!

x Nic